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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is keeping what you have earned by making the best choices and exploring ways to increase what you currently have. When we look to do Estate Planning for our clients, we look at four major aspects:

What are you wishes and desires?
The very first step involves a very careful look at what you want to do with your Estate, the people you care about and the things that concern you. Our experience tells us that we need to listen and understand your wishes and desires before we take any actions or make any recommendations

What specific assets and values do our clients have?
Different assets may present special Estate Planning concerns and considerations. In addition, the values of these assets need to be known so we can decide whether tax planning needs to be done. If tax planning needs to be done, we have the education and experience to advise our clients on the best options available.

What liability concerns do our clients have?
Improperly titled assets can cause expensive and time-consuming problems. For example, a husband and wife with a high dollar Estate may wish to title assets of value equally in each of their names instead of owning everything jointly. Certain methods of ownership can seriously minimize the exposure to liability that an Estate may face. For example, incorporating a business can avoid personal liability from expensive law suits.

How can our clients best enhance their wealth and provide for their loved ones?
We carefully advise our clients on issues such as life insurance and burial and funeral costs. If appropriate, we may also recommend to our clients that they get in touch with other financial professionals relating to certain concerns within their Estate.