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Estate Administration

Estate Administration is the process by which the property of a deceased person gets titled again. If a person has a will, then the will controls as to how the property will be titled. If there is no will, then North Carolina law determines how the property will be titled. Some property may also be transferred by contract (e.g. some bank accounts) or by law (e.g. real property held by husband and wife together). When we approach the Estate Administration process, we first find out the nature of all property that the deceased possessed. Then, once we have determined the property subject to Estate Administration, we carefully verify the values of the assets, advise our client as to the steps that need to be undertaken, and ensure that all creditors are identified and, if appropriate, paid. Next, we look to make sure the assets of the estate that are left over are distributed to the proper beneficiaries or heirs. Finally, we make sure all forms have been filed in a timely manner and ensure that all steps are taken to file any necessary tax forms. Khot and Associates employs experience and understanding to ensure that Estate Administration is undertaken in a timely, orderly, and cost-effective manner.