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The first step in debt collection is to determine which debts should be pursued and those that may waste your resources. The next step is to look at the debtors' resources with which to pay and to make the appropriate legal demands to persuade the debtor to pay the debt. Finally, and as a last resort, using the legal process to collect the debt. Collections involves knowledge of many areas of law since failure to understand and respect certain laws may not only prevent you from collecting on your debt, but may actually create liability. At Khot and Associates, we carefully collect information and use our understanding and experience with North Carolina and Federal law to develop the best approach to collecting delinquent accounts and, more importantly, advising our clients on methods to minimize unpaid accounts in the future. We help our clients to concentrate on their business instead of wasting resources trying unsuccessfully to collect delinquent accounts. We use the legal process when necessary in order to protect our clients' rights and develop comprehensive strategies for our clients on how to best collect every dollar they earn. We also offer a full array of services to clients that have fallen behind on their obligations and are being pursued by creditors. Khot & Associates can assist you with debt collection and defend your rights against creditors.